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I'm a health nut

In 2010 I sold my vehicle and headed off to massage school on my mountain bike, and I've never looked back. The community of athletes, healers and consumers of alternative health medicine in the New Mexico area has provided me with the best network I cold ever ask for. After 10 years of serving the LBGTQ community with traditional massage, I am rebranding as a health coach for active men and women of all ages races and preferences because I found meditation, exercise and diet to be the antidote to a very stress-filled and anxiety producing era in our collective health history. A crisis if you will. By committing to gyms with covid-safe practices including sanitation and masking, I added the additional firewall against this dreaded disease by getting early vaccination (both doses) when it was offered at no charge by the health department. If I can join you on and enhance your wellness journey by being a trusted guide and friend, then I am the coach for you. Mat-based pain relief and traditional sports massage to achieve your best post-pandemic life. It usually works in the first half hour. Try it!

Exercise and diet have increased my strength and enjoyment of life. Since I graduated from massage school ten years a go, amateur athletes and working men and women from all communities and backgrounds have shared their fitness and wellness journeys with me. Let me cheer you on as your life improves and your pain decreases.

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